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SharkRace Club project developers have implemented the latest technologies to provide maximum value and incredible experience for the SharkRace Club members. The platform embraces high-quality NFTs and play-to-earn 3D Metaverse Game, offering so much fun for players.

BSC Blockchain and Built-In Wallet

The SharkRace Club project is built on the BSC blockchain. Developers chose this platform as it provides the fastest and safest transactions. In addition, all operations within the ecosystem will be processed through smart contracts.

The project development team has extensive expertise in building blockchain solutions. Together they have developed Tizer crypto wallet, which is available to download on the AppStore and Google Play. The wallet is integrated into the SharkRace Game  Platform, and one can easily enter and play with no need to connect any crypto wallet. Although, the project is fully compatible with other wallets as well.


The project token is SHRK – SharkCoin also created on BSC. The token can be applied for all operations within the platform – users may buy NFTs with it, boost their rarity, buy stuff on the marketplace, or stake. The total supply is 1 billion, initial market cap – $308,480.

The project plans to hold an IDO on March 3, 2022, on Seedify, Enjinstarter, Oxbull, Gemstarter launchpads.

NFT Sharks And Rarity Upgrade

SharkRace Club NFT collection was created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists who have worked on drawings for Disney and visual art for the Olympics. The collection comprises 20,001 generative NFT Sharks, each of which is unique. In addition, there are 1000+ hand-drawn traits ensuring that every NFT Shark owner gets an unforgettable experience turning their Sharks into an authentic piece of art. The images are drawn in 3D and delivered in ultra-high 4K resolution (2400×2400). Each NFT has a different rarity index and is distributed randomly.

NFT owners have access to the Rarity Upgrade Platform, where they may customize their NFTs acting like true artists. They can buy rare traits for NFTs as well as complement them with GIF animation effects at the Rarity Store. It helps increase the initial rarity index of NFTs and multiply their utility. It looks like an advanced online clothing store where visitors can try various things on their NFT Sharks and see how they fit them. Each accessory comes as a separate rare BEP-721 NFT and has its own rarity index. Once the user picks the clothes or accessories for an NFT, one should click “dress”, then the smart contract will burn the initial image of the NFT Shark, changing it to its new style with the new trait. This new image will be added to the user’s account and refreshed in the metaverse.

SharkRace Club And Its Preferences

Once user buys an NFT Shark he (she) becomes a member of the SharkRace Club and receives many privileges, such as:

Access to the Rarity Upgrade platform and SharkCoins
Lifelong royalties, right to vote, staking preferences
Free Game-pack of 3 different gaming NFT meta-sharks to start playing right away and a gift card for the play-to-earn game, also for free.

Shark Race Game

Shark Race is a world of intelligent and merciless sharks competing for the RaceBank and unique NFT prizes deep down the shark’s metaverse. Cross-platform play-to-earn 3D game uses special gaming meta-sharks and BEP-1155 NFT. Built on Unreal Engine 4, this is a game with breath-taking challenges where participants can earn, try their luck and enjoy the race. Players can get extra skills, lives, boosters, etc. and select one of the three types of meta-sharks which suit their gaming style best. The game provides a great way to earn money with zero input just by selling in-game artifacts which you have gained through the race. In the group tournament, the prize fund will be generated by the SharkRace platform sales. Additionally, players will be able to initiate their own team-play with bids provided by them. Various leagues and fascinating tracks will be released in the Shark Race.

Team and backers

A dedicated and experienced team is aimed to grow and boost the SharkRace Club project. The game release is planned for Q2 2022 and is supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry, uniting players worldwide.

Having such solid backers as Shima Capital, AU21, IBC, NFT Tech, Seedify, Enjinstarter, OxBull, Synapse, Prostarter, Inazuma, OIG Capital, and others the project has all the chances to succeed. The combination of an engaged and experienced team of bright minds and trusted backers leaves no doubt that it will be a fantastic 2 in 1 NFT project that will bring truly groundbreaking ideas and opportunities for NFT Collectors and players.


The project has long-term and ambitious plans, and it is easy to see from the roadmap:

March 3, 2022 – IDO
March 5-8, 2022 – NFT pre-sale and INO
March 9-11, 2022 – NFT Sharks collection mint
April 2022 – the play-to-earn game release


Detailed and bright, professional and high-quality NFT cards with numerous exclusive traits, options to upgrade the NFT rarity, special gaming NFT pack, dedicated team, numerous advantages and gifts for the SharkRace Club members , staking, and just having a good time – all these and much more make the SharkRace Club project so unique and revolutionizing, so we can’t wait to try all the features it brings. It won’t be long to wait for the project to start  – IDO is planning on 3 March 2022 on Seedify, Enjinstarter, Oxbull, Gemstarter launchpads.

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