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NFT’s are the latest utility of blockchain technology that has taken the world by storm. This technology is disrupting various avenues from art and sports collectibles to gaming and real estate. The NFT gaming industry has particularly boomed in the past few years and is becoming the future of the gaming industry.

The first time NFTs were introduced in the gaming industry was in 2017, when CryptoPunks conducted a giveaway and in Crypto Kitties video game which was one of the first NFT games. However, the success of Crypto Kitties was short-lived as it was one of the early models and lacked robust underlying architecture.

Regardless, the NFT gaming industry is evolving now, and several projects are offering players a chance to earn cryptocurrencies while playing games. One of the newest additions to the NFT gaming industry is Werewolf. Werewolf is a unique cryptocurrency exchange with DeFi capabilities. As the name suggests, the Werewolf project takes inspiration from the old and popular myth about a human and wolf hybrid.

Werewolf Protocol harnesses the power of blockchain to evolve cryptocurrency and consists of various decentralized finance-based apps including, a Decentralized exchange, a Staking mechanism, an NFT marketplace, Finance gaming, and more. The ecosystem is powered by the Werewolf Coin (WWC), a utility token used for the governance of the project.

NFT Gaming with Werewolf

Werewolf has designed an FPS game in sync with the mythologies of werewolves. The game is about being a werewolf in a pack. The pack is the most important survival tool for the werewolves, which is excitingly demonstrated in the game. The game is brutal and dysfunctional to offer an exciting and fun gaming experience. The fearless Alpha leads the pack and can build their pack of betas on the blockchain.

As the blockchain allows tokenization of assets, it acts as a great building block for a decentralized gaming asset marketplace as designed by the Werewolf Protocol.

Here are some of the advantages of NFT gaming.

NFTs allow users to earn or purchase in-game assets that are registered on blockchain to secure copyright.
These NFTs can be sold or staked to create an additional source of income.
NFT games are more fun as they are based on a play-to-earn model where players are rewarded for their efforts.

The decentralized game from Werewolf protocol combines all the functions of the project in a single place with the added excitement of playing as a werewolf. To learn more about the Werewolf protocol, visit


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