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The second LAND NFTs sale for Dvision Network is scheduled to begin on January 27th. It is another opportunity for users to own space in the Dvision Meta-Cities, two of which are being opened with the most recent LAND sale. LAND NFTs will be sold across two platforms, the Dvision Marketplace and OpenSea, where users will be able to purchase the NFTs using MATIC tokens.

This iteration of the Dvision LAND sale will see a total of 4,651 NFTs go up for sale, spread evenly between the two NFT marketplaces. Users will be able to purchase these NFTs at the lowest possible prices as Dvision LAND NFTs are known to grow to as high as 4 times their sale value once in circulation according to the previous LAND Sale numbers. It will also allow users to fully participate in the Dvision metaverse where they can make their lots a profitable venture.

Dvision Launches LAND On Two Blockchains

The first Dvision Network LAND sale took place last year and was hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. This time around, the project has made it a multi-chain venture, where the NFTs will now be compatible with ERC-721 standard on Polygon Network. All NFTs will be minted on the Polygon Ecosystem, hence the use of MATIC as the purchase token on both the Dvision and OpenSea marketplaces.

Dvision LAND NFTs will be sold for $120 per parcel, at a 20% premium from the price of the previous sale. 2,329 LAND will go on sale on the Dvision Marketplace and 2,322 LAND will be sold on OpenSea.

The allocated LAND NFTs for the second sale is for two new, yet to be opened, Meta-Cities; Tokyo and London. They’re the 3rd and 4th of 10 Meta-Cities that will be available in the Dvision metaverse. LAND are limited in the metaverse, making them infinitely more valuable once they are sold.

Project Galaxy Joins Dvision

Dvision Network has announced Project Galaxy as the latest partner project. These partner projects will be allocated LAND NFT from the reserved 20% according to the terms of the Dvision Polygon Partner LAND NFT Grant Program. This will enable the partner projects to begin development in the metaverse. In the case of Project Galaxy, they will create specific use cases for the NFTs.

“With the Project Galaxy’s valuable experience and professional background, we are convinced that we can integrate with them on the multiple high-level aspects, and encourage them to create the best user experience and design as many customized NFTs with various use cases within our augmented reality,” said Boburjon Muydinov, Head of Business Development at Dvision Network.

The Polygon LAND Grant Program is meant to onboard strategic Polygon-based partners to the Dvision metaverse. Dvision then allocates a portion of LAND NFTs to these projects to get them to start developing in the metaverse. These projects will be able to create games, NFTs, Web 3.0, and other valuable content on the metaverse. As time goes on, Dvision Network will onboard more Polygon-based projects to further the growth of the ecosystem.



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