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The world of online betting has had a controversial history with several attempts being made in the past to introduce a legal, compliant and secure space for bettors to enjoy. In the past, most of these projects failed due to legal issues, privacy concerns, and other inefficiencies. However, the introduction of blockchain technology in the space has sparked a new hope in the heart of bettors as it ensures a secure and safe space for sport betting enthusiasts.

The pre-blockchain scenario compelled users to act solely on trust that the platform will put their bets in due time and accurately. Besides, they had to rely on an unknown betting mechanism in an opaque and unfair environment. But blockchain can potentially change the way betting works by distributing the responsibility of tracking transactions across a broad network of participants. 

Blockchain technology also introduces DAO in the online sports betting space. A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an organization that does not have a single entity controlling the odds of the project but its community and investors. DAO can potentially change the online sports betting industry by distributing control and making the platform fair and transparent. is driving this change by being the first decentralized betting exchange that operates on multiple blockchains. It is a multi-chain project that will first go live on Ethereum and Polygon, followed by Solana and more, designed to help betting enthusiasts lay bets on their favorite sports against bettors around the globe. 

What is is a multi-chain decentralized betting exchange built as the first true challenger to the world’s dominant betting exchange. The project empowers its users to bet on any sport against a community of global bettors by simply connecting their MetaMask in seconds. Betswap brings the thrill of online sports betting with the added advantages of being anonymous, decentralized, and global. 

Anonymous – Bettors do not have to register or create an account to start betting. They can simply connect their MetaMask wallet and start betting.
Decentralized – Betswap is powered by Ethereum and layer 2 Polygon with a governance token that makes the project completely decentralized.
Global – Blockchain enables global access, making Betswap available to bettors around the globe without any restrictions or limits. is a multi-purpose platform with a variety of services and features. Apart from betting, Betswap also allows their users to become bookmakers, making the sports betting experience more flexible and exciting. Some of the features of Betswapp includes, 

Order Book – The order book gives the bettors in-depth knowledge about their returns, odds, lay, matched bets and make your own odds.
Back Betting – Back betting is a feature offered by most online sport betting platforms, including traditional sport-books. Bettors can place their bets on a team and wager them to win.
Lay Betting – with Lay Betting, the bettor can play the role of the bookmaker and bet on something that does not happen to increase the odds of winning. is the first decentralized platform to fully utilize the capabilities of blockchain technology in the online sports betting industry. All the transactions on are done in a mistrust-free environment without any centralization. Moreover, the project is backed by a utility token with a buyback mechanism to keep the supply fluid. is one of the most promising blockchain projects solely built for online sports betting enthusiasts. It ensures anonymity and security of the users, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of online sports betting without compromising on transparency. 



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