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If you missed out on the PulsePad IDO, you’ll soon be paying a very high price for $PLSPAD tokens – After recording a 950x ROI within 60 Minutes of trading, the token’s momentum continues to build rapidly. Due to its unprecedented potential, it may set an all-time high for the already highly successful BlueZilla group’s launched projects.

PulsePad IDO ROI Goes Off The Charts

People who kept a close eye on any of the BlueZilla launchpads IDOs recently will know every one of these projects has tremendous ROI potential. PulsePad, the latest launchpad solution under the BlueZilla banner, brings prominent attention to the revolutionary PulseChain ecosystem. Not only is the ecosystem very powerful and beneficial to developers and users, but promises to provide the next wave of infrastructure for Ethereum.

The backing by Bluezilla makes this a premium project everyone should be paying attention to – Bluezilla has a solid reputation for bringing the highest-ROI projects to market, and it is extremely likely that PulsePad will follow a similar path. Noteworthy examples of the team’s launchpads include ETHPad (166x ROI), ADAPad (360x ROI), TRONPad (255x ROI), BSCPad (329x ROI), VelasPad (177x ROI), and many others. More recently, the team introduced AstroSwap, a powerful solution for the Cardano ecosystem, which noted a 504x ROI.

Other factors to consider beyond the BlueZilla backing are the strong community PulseChain has put together, consisting of over 34,000 members on telegram alone. Additionally, the social activity regarding PulseChain and $PULSE is off the charts and continues to build every day. Combined with the bullish market sentiment affecting all crypto markets before PulsePad launching, it creates a very potent cocktail for $PLSPAD investors – there is no limit as to how high $PLSPAD can go, and this could well be shaping up to be the biggest BlueZilla-backed IDO ever.

The Power Of PulseChain

To grasp the potential of PulsePad, one must acknowledge the power PulseChain holds in the blockchain ecosystem. While most developers favor Ethereum, it is also an inefficient, expensive, and slow blockchain to work with. The network is nearly always at full capacity through the current transactions, DApps, and DeFi projects. None of these ventures can achieve their maximum potential due to technical constraints. That situation is problematic, which is why PulseChain provides a far better alternative.

As a fork of Ethereum, PulseChain is capable of achieving feats and milestones Ethereum itself may never reach. It is a proof-of-stake blockchain that provides much lower fees and has a much higher network capacity thanks to its three-second block times than Ethereum’s twelve seconds. In addition, as smart contract operations are handled off-chain, PulseChain helps reduce Ethereum’s load and enriches the blockchain’s token holders, users, and developers.

Another crucial venture is how PLS, the native asset of PulseChain, has 0% inflation. That is very different from Ethereum, which has no hard supply cap for ETH. The only network users earning fees are the validators securing the network through proof-of-stake. However, 25% of the earned fees are destroyed permanently to create a deflationary supply curve.

There is the PulseBridge contract, creating interoperability between Ethereum and PulseChain. Users can trade ETH on Pulse and PLS on Ethereum. More importantly, PusleBridge can bridge to other smart contract networks, creating tremendous liquidity and cross-chain potential. That aspect brings an unlimited potential to PulseChain, PulsePad, and any future building on this technology.

What Is Next For PulsePad and PulseChain?

Having the support of BlueZilla is an essential step to foster and nurture development on the PULSE network. BlueZilla’s backing of PulsePad ensures developers can access funding, but also legal, marketing, developer, and other forms of help through the team’s rapidly expanding network of partners. With its proven track record of successful launches and providing incubation to projects, BlueZilla is a crucial cornerstone for the PULSE ecosystem, and a value signal for investors in the developing market.

PulsePad looks set to be a household name in a few months from today once more developers unlock PULSE network’s potential, and the $PLSPAD ROI shows strong signals on climbing to even higher heights than the 520x it is today. Trade PLSPAD/USD on Pancakeswap


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