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The crypto ecosystem is probably the most dynamic field of information technology. New solutions pop up almost every day and it’s pretty hard to find a startup that will blow your mind in some special way. Even at the beginning of its path, the crypto space didn’t seem like something boring and conservative. But it’s nothing compared to what we can observe in the market now.

At a first glance, the current ecosystem looks a bit chaotic and complicated. Looking at the variety of DeFi solutions it’s quite hard to estimate the benefits they commit to bringing. But if you remember the core values that were proclaimed with the coming of Bitcoin you will realize that the number of key benefits of blockchain and crypto is definite and limited: reducing intermediaries, decentralization, secure storage of data, and privacy.

Projects committed to privacy have long received attention and it promises to be one of the most popular trends in the coming years. It corresponds with the current situation when a lot of people are not satisfied with the authorities, banks, and key social media players that own too much private data. Anonymous cryptocurrencies are regarded as good alternatives to Bitcoin, the public ledger of which allows anyone who wants to track all transactions.

The emergence of demand stimulates projects to come up with features that ensure the desired privacy. For example, BEAM protocol, where privacy is the team’s first priority.  This platform offers anonymous transactions and ensures that third parties can’t see the sender, receiver, and transacted amount.

Moreover, if you take a look at projects like BEAM, you will notice that they bring other core values that blockchain implies. It’s a big, scalable DeFi ecosystem with the full range of tools needed, including embedded DAPPs, wallet, atomic swaps, decentralized bridges, smart contracts, confidential stablecoins and oracles. And the protocol also relies on decentralized governance.

The Beam protocol is governed through the implementation of the BEAMX governance token. Token holders become BeamX DAO members and participate in the management of the ecosystem. And the extent of $BEAMX holders’ power will be far larger than in other crypto projects – they will be able to shape the roadmap of the BeamX DeFi ecosystem itself. The community can create proposals and vote regularly for important changes they think will be beneficial for the project. This will be done through a special DAPP implemented in the BEAM wallet.

Moreover, users get an additional incentive via staking, earning more tokens as a reward for holding BEAMX in their wallets. Staking is risk-free – staked tokens won’t be locked in any pool and users will be able to withdraw their tokens without any delay. Staking will become available on October 21 in the proprietary BEAM wallet. As a part of a staking campaign, DAO is going to distribute 1% of all tokens among early users. It can be a good reason for crypto enthusiasts to explore the emerging ecosystem and contribute to DAO that will rule the way this system functions.

BEAMX is listed on Binance and has already grown by more than 50% – people buy tokens en masse in preparation for staking.

If you step away from the hype of the crypto world, you’ll notice that some platforms have a strategic intent to bring core values for which cryptocurrencies were created. And some of them also bet on community involvement in the development of the project. Because the project that the user has contributed to creating can count on his greater loyalty.

Today it becomes clear that the recent trend of a flat organizational structure is growing in many industries. And one more variant of such a structure can be proposed and established by blockchain-based DAOs. In the case of BEAM, creators focus not only on decentralization and privacy. It was meant to be a complex solution that gives people the privilege to save time and to manage all the operations related to crypto in one environment.

Indeed, looking back at the development of the blockchain world it is obvious that universal solutions will conquer the audience. And chances to succeed are rising at a gigantic rate when such projects are committed to key values blockchain technology was supposed to bring from the very beginning.


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