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Blockchain technology has been taking the events management industry by storm.

The COVID-19 pandemic led many to reflect on the failings of traditional, centralized ticketing and event platforms. These tools often feature low security, difficult user experiences, and high hidden fees.

Blockchain continues to interest many event managers and promoters. The technology offers the opportunity to digitally manage events and payments without a central administrator, all while eliminating ticket duplication, fake tickets, and bots. Blockchain also can be harnessed to allow for event details to be managed and shared in a uniform and transparent manner.

A greater interest in a decentralized approach to managing events and attendees has led to the rise of several decentralized applications (dApps) with a focus on ticketing and events management.

Blockchain-Based Event dApps Transforming Traditional Models

Phoenix DAO’s Events Marketplace is one dApp making waves due to a dedicated and focused team who have been hard at work optimizing the platform.

The Eventbrite-style dApp empowers users to host events or buy, sell, and exchange tickets thanks to the power of blockchain. Phoenix’s unique Identity protocol ensures decentralization and trustworthiness while permanently tying tickets to a particular user no matter where they go. All Event dApp users rely on the native $PHNX token for payment, but the PhoenixDAO team plans on offering more cryptocurrencies and on-ramp methods. Hopes are expansion will encourage user growth and open up more revenue streams.

Phoenix Authentication helps verify logins and approve ticket transactions to eliminate bots and bulk purchasing. The entire Event dApp is multi-chain offering both Ethereum and Polygon’s sidechain solution, offering Layer2 solution instead of only Ethereum. A recent developer update includes multi-chain support, giving dApp users the opportunity to host events on either the Ethereum or Polygon networks, based on their preferences, to foster advanced cross-chain interoperability.

Additional updates promoting convenience and transparency include a new affiliate partnership with, opening up PhoenixDAO Events dApp users to connect with one of the leading global crypto-friendly travel booking platforms boasting more than 2,000,000 properties in 230 nations. A second partnership with Transak provides fiat onramp services and fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals. The PhoenixDAO team hopes future Transak support of the native $PHNX token will allow for the purchase of $PHNX with a credit or debit card.

Emphasizing A Hassle-Free Experience

A follow-up developer update in mid-October further enhanced the user experience and functionality based on requests and comments from Events dApp users.

As blockchain-based event dApps continue to become more intuitive, convenient to use, and transparent, many speculate the technology could forever transform the events and ticketing industry.

Contactless ticket sales and management remain a big benefit to busy events managers trying to reduce attendee/event staff interaction to ensure optimal hygiene standards for in-person activities in ‘the new normal.’ The ease of creating and promoting events on blockchain-based solutions like PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp is of particular benefit to event managers and planners who might have limited budgets and are uninterested in paying hefty fees to rely on traditional platforms.

The PhoenixDAO team characterizes their consistent work optimizing and enhancing the Events dApp as “a series until everyone is able to use the dApp hassle-free.” PhoenixDAO continues to lead the way in ushering in blockchain technology to the events and ticketing industry to provide a superior experience for both event managers and attendees.

PhoenixDAO has always been proactive in establishing new opportunities to connect and give back to the community. To that end, PhoenixDAO is hosting an event where the latest member of the team to join will be live streaming and participants stand a chance to win a $1000 NFT.

 Product growth is key, update to the events marketplace, with a rare NFT from Zed Run, with a win rate of 14.4% and ROI of 26.3%.

To participate in the event, users can purchase the tickets from Events dApp using a crypto wallet. To purchase a ticket for the event, users must hold $PHNX tokens on Polygon. Users holding $PHNX tokens on Ethereum wallets can move it to Polygon using the Matic Bridge if need be or purchase $PHNX from

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a revolutionary decentralized environment that has curated a list of flagship dApps, all designed to create a more rewarding and accommodating environment for the crypto community. PhoenixDAO is powered by The DAO (governance system), Staking dApp, Events dApp and the dApp store.

PhoenixDAO is an autonomous project with unique protocols (Identity management, authentication, payment, and tokenization protocols), which helps create a secure and safe decentralized space.


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