Skip to main content is a yield farming Dapp on BSC. The goal is to make the most of the Binance Smart Chain without having to spend too much time and/or resources.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has seen an increase in the activity on its blockchain from token swaps, dApps to NFTs, and decentralized money markets. One of the best features of the BSC is that it offers cross-chain atomic swaps with gas fees that are almost 20 times lower than other chains.

Its Proof-of-stake Authority (PoSA) consensus allows for it to be a high-speed infrastructure, helpful for DeFi apps. This makes it suitable for mass adoption.

BEP-20 tokens offer borderless DeFi opportunities as when a token is launched on the Binance Smart Chain it can easily be moved across different chains. It also helps to simplify interoperability in the entire ecosystem.

What is BNBMatrix?

BNBMatrix is a smart contract-based investment Dapp written on the Binance Smart Chain. It became live last week and in about 7 days, it has already crossed a milestone of 500 BNB, which is growing at the time of writing.

Benefitting from BNBMatrix

The investors are able to generate stable daily returns anywhere from 7.8% to 17% on their investment with BNBMatrix. In fact, the smart contract offers the option to invest as low as 0.001 BNB to get started. Moreover, the generated BNB can be withdrawn at any time from their Dapp.


Safe & Secure: BNBMatrix is very meticulous about the safety of the smart contract. It has been audited by HazeCrypto. There were no vulnerabilities, backdoors, or scam scripts found in the BNBMatrix Smart Contract.
Customer Success: Team BNBMatrix offers 24/7 customer support on Telegram to all users. Be it a query or concern, they ensure it is resolved at the earliest.
Stable ROI: With revolutionary growth since its launch, BNBMatrix is on a pursuit to become one of the highest ROI programs amongst yield farming on BSC. Between the deposit period of 7 and 30 days, the investors can get a 119% to 239% return on their investment.

5 Level Referral Program

BNBMatrix offers 5 levels of referral programs, paying an attractive  11.5% commission. A referral link is provided at the time of investment which can be shared by the users with their friends to join in.

BNBMatrix is a simple project with a neat interface that helps investors make passive income on their idle crypto assets. The smart contract has been experiencing a thriving success in terms of investment with its profitability and referral levels.

To get more information about, head to their website or join their Telegram group

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