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Vetter, a next-generation ecosystem and investor-research tool for crypto presales, has raised 3500 BNB (worth 1.7 million USD at current market rates) in a recent sellout private sale. The private sale saw Vetter’s committed community of over 700 paying discord members come together to support the grassroots movement – from Vetters, to Scouts, to regular members.

Both the private sale’s participation and investment size suggest that Vetter’s groundbreaking technology is supported by an enthusiastic community, providing a real solution for eager crypto investors. Accordingly, if this is any indication of future fundraising success, Vetter’s presale today on PinkSale could raise substantially more from the general public, capitalizing on the private sales’ momentum.

Revolutionizing the Pre-IEO Market

Vetter’s fundraising success is built on the innovation at the core of its next-generation technology. It provides a tokenized research tool for evaluating often difficult to understand pre-sales in the crypto-space. Vetter leverages the knowledge of the crowd to efficiently analyze the numerous presales, ICOs, IDOs etc. that launch each day, providing its users with appropriate metrics to help guide their investment decisions.

Its analytics machine also combines artificial intelligence with the principles of gamification into a user-friendly decentralized application (dApp) which makes it “fun fast and easy to spot crypto projects worthy of consideration” for investment according to Vetter’s detailed whitepaper. Each project is “vetted” by holders of Vetter Tokens, and added to a calendar of upcoming opportunities. Token holders can then provide additional information to “vet” certain opportunities. The application then uses a custom-made A.I.-based scoring and ranking system to reward users who have contributed to the analysis of successful investments.

The objective is to remove the lengthy amount of time and resources needed for individuals to seek out and profit from these opportunities themselves.

No Time Like the Present

Indeed, as the total value of the cryptocurrency market nears $3 trillion, and the number of blockchain-based projects continues to balloon, there has never been a greater need for such a tool. In fact, Vetter’s recent developments suggest their team is uniquely aware that their time is now. In the past few months, Vetter has launched a successful community-building effort, taking part in several AMAs, marketing campaigns and curating a growing following on their variety of socials.

Vetter has also released a series of technical documentation for audit ahead of the presale. The team is now looking to attract beta users for its public launch in the not too distant future as well as set a development schedule that releases new features for the platform every month. Taken together, Vetter’s technology, successful private sale and short-term roadmap provide a good foundation for the future of its pioneering research tool, and it will be interesting to see the outcome of today’s Private Sale on PinkSale.

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