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Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency (virtual currency) created in 2009 by an unknown person whose pseudonym is Satoshi Nakamoto.
Unlike traditional currencies, such as the Dollar $ or the Euro € (also called fiat currency), which are issued and administered by a banking authority, Bitcoin is issued on the blockchain protocol.
Since its creation, the price of Bitcoin has reached record highs. BTC is the most highly valued cryptocurrency.
Unlike fiat currencies, the number of Bitcoin in circulation is limited to 21 million units.
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Why does the price of Bitcoin rise and fall?

The value of Bitcoin (BTC) is based on the law of supply and demand. The more buyers there are, the less Bitcoin there is on the market and the higher the price of Bitcoin. Conversely, the more sellers there are, the more Bitcoin there is on the market, and the lower the price of Bitcoin.
To determine the price of BTC, simply divide its capitalization by the number of tokens (number of Bitcoins in circulation).

What are the risks of buying Bitcoin?

Since Bitcoin is not a legal tender, the main risk is the total loss of your investment. This can happen if the price of BTC drops to zero (disappearance of Bitcoin), or if you lose access to your Bitcoins (e.g. your crypto wallet is hacked or you lose your password).
Only invest what you are ready to lose.

Where can I buy Bitcoins?

To buy Bitcoins, you need to go to an online trading platform such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Swissborg.
You can also go through neo-banks such as Revolut (which is still the easiest way to buy Bitcoins, but it also has its disadvantages).